Hard to find work with a spinal injury or disorder? 6 Job ideas to get you motivated!

By sujin

For people who live with a spinal injury or disorder, the chronic pain that comes with it can become debilitating.

It’s important to follow health practitioners’ advice for pain management. This can include ensuring that you are doing light activity, which also helps with your mental health and resilience, too.

Job roles which require low-impact physical activity, while still keeping your mind focused, can be a great solution. If you’re wanting to break into, or get back to work, here are 6 ideas for employment for people with a disability to get you started!

  1. Work From Home

With the advancements of technology, there are now more opportunities for people, especially those living with a spinal injury or disorder, to work from home. Roles that require data entry, transcription, or writing, as well as positions as a virtual receptionist, can be a great fit for you, especially if you need to …