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Dawn Yet to Come single, feat. Ernesto Tomasini, to be released on May 12!
The first single from Othon's forthcoming Pineal album will be out on May 12, the day that Othon had originally planned to release his album. This is a a significant day for Othon as it marks the opening day of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Amazonian tribes like the Shipibo and the Kaxinawá have been a major influence in the creation of Othon's new work and, in some ways, they are connected to its second part. Othon, therefore, is excited to tie this release to the UN event. Dawn Yet to Come will include two different versions of the eponymous track, none of which will appear in the album. The single will feature Othon's long term collaborator Ernesto Tomasini. More info on this release will be unveiled soon!

Cover design by Domingo Rosas Aguilar and make up by Hermes Pittakos



PINEAL to be released on June 23!
Othon has just announced on his facebook and twitter pages that his much awaited and talked about Pineal album will be released on June 23 as opposed to May 12, as advertised earlier on the same sites. This is because Othon has decided, together with his record label SFE, to have the first single from his album released on the original May date instead. Pineal, which was inspired during and after a series of Ayahuasca ceremonies Othon had attended in the Brazilian wilderness in 2012, will include a colourful bunch of special guests, including Marc Almond, Ernesto Tomasini and Bird Radio together with indigenous shamans Javier Arevalo Shahuano and Jessica Ramirez Seopa, under whose guidance Othon drank the 'medicine' on some of the aforementioned ceremonies. There will be increasingly more info on Othon's exciting new project, which will be in two parts, in the coming weeks.

Pineal's cover and original photography is by Othon's close collaborator Predrag Pajdic, who is also directing two of Pineal's videos and who also traveled to Brazil in January 2014 together with Othon, to film and experience for himself the visionary plants.



The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone as part of the the Nottingham University syllabus
The Bram Stoker nominated graphic novel by Ravi Thornton and Andy Hixon, for which Othon has written the soundtrack, is part of the Nottingham University Syllabus where it is studied in conjunction with the music. Othon, from the very early days of working on this project, thought that he was onto something very special and he is delighted that the novel and its accompanying soundtrack are getting the recognition they deserve.


Othon has come up with a logo that encapsulates both PAN muzik and the direction he wants to take with his new project "Pineal". Domingo Rosas (aka Sital Aki) from Once Punto Dos in Guadalajara, Mexico, has generously provided the spotless execution of the design.The logo draws its inspiration from Othon's very first Ayahuasca experience while in Brazil, in January 2012.

Time to Go trilogy by Bird Radio and Chiara Ambrosio featuring Othon is on Vimeo!
The stunning trilogy of films by Chiara Ambrosio, who directed Othon's Impermanence, based on songs from Bird Radio's debut album "The Boy and the Audience", is now available to watch on Vimeo. Othon has written and performed the piano part on the eponymous final track. Enjoy!


Get your signed Impermanence copy, signed and dedicated, directly from Othon
Othon is now selling signed and dedicated copies of his second album "Impermanence" directly to his fans!You can order your copy for £10 plus postage (£1.50 for UK, £3.50 for Europe and £4.50 for the rest of the world) together with a flyer from the sell out Impermanence London concert.

Impermanence is a collection of intensively dramatic, melancholic and sometimes delirious tracks featuring guest stars Marc Almond, Camille O’ Sullivan, Ernesto Tomasini and Justin Jones (guitarist of Othon's beloved band And Also The Trees). The album was inspired by a series of Tibetan Tantric meditations on impermanence and a life of constant inevitable change. Impermanence is released by SFE/Cherry Red Records and features original artwork by awarded artist Hector de Gregorio.

You can pay through paypal to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please put on the subject line “Impermanence Sale” and write in the accompanying email your name and address together with any requests for signing and dedication.

Mystery Star Dance number 2 in the charts at ReverbNation's Other category for UK!
Mystery Star Dance has now moved on the 2nd place at the Reverbnation UK charts. Hurray!


Mystery Star Dance number 3 in the charts at ReverbNation's Other category for UK!
After spending a week at number 7, Othon's "Mystery Star Dance" has climbed on the third place at the Reverbnation UK charts! Mystery Star Dance, from Othon's second album Impermanence, is proving to be one of Othon's most beloved tracks. You can view the charts here


Othon's new facebook page.
Please note that Othon has a new facebook page! His old one will be deleted on October 1 so please like his new one instead.


Othon special guest for Bird Radio's album launch, October 6 at Cinema Museum
Othon is honoured to have been invited by Bird Radio to perform at the launch of his marvelous debut album "The Boy and the Audience" on Sunday October 6 at 8pm at the lesser known London venue, the Cinema Museum. Bird Radio and Othon have started what it seems to be a long-term collaboration since the first has also been a guest performer and creative adviser/assistant producer for Othon's new album Pineal. The Boy and the Audience will be released in October by SFE/Cherry Red Records. You can purchase your tickets for this event here.

Othon special guest for Almagest! London show, September 7 at Cafe Oto
After spending several months at the studio, Othon will be doing a special appearance for Ernesto Tomasini's and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo's new project Almagest! This is going to be Almagest!'s first London show and with composer/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Poppy and artist Sometimes I am Art, also as special guests, this event promised to be unmissable! Almgest! will present material from their debut album Messier Objects. Buy tickets here and click here to join the event!



"Heavenly Voices - The Heirs of Farinelli" documentary
Othon is delighted to have contributed with his music and an interview to the "Heavenly Voices - The Heirs of Farinelli" documentary by Tico Films, which features the voices of Max Emanuel Cencic, Philippe Jaroussky, Franco Fagioli, Yuri Minienko, Andreas Scholl, Jimmy Sommerville and Ernesto Tomasini. Heavenly Voices has been broadcasted so far in Swedish Television (SVT) and in Austrian Television (ORF 2). Click here for an English trailer.


Martin Hall's Phasewide, Exit Signs out now!
Martin Hall's new solo album that features Othon in the opening track "Emblematic" was released on April 2. "Phasewide, Exit Signs" is Martin Hall's first solo album in seven years, a musical log book recorded in cities such as Montreal, London and Brussels. Though only just released, Phasweide has got some rave reviews on the major Danish press. Here are some quotes;

”The ever changeable Hall in disturbingly good shape.” ( * * * * * ) Gaffa

”Haunting beauty and a delicate, melancholic desperation.” ( * * * * ) Jyllands-Posten

”Breathtakingly beautiful. There aren’t many artists as Martin Hall.” ( * * * * * ) Lydtapet

”Beautiful and unique." Politiken

For more info on Phasewide, Exit Signs and to order it straight from Martin Hall's website click here




Othon to rework a song of the Kaxinawá people for Pineal
Othon is very thankful to have got a kind permission from Kaxinawá Shamans (pictured), located in remote villages in Acre in the Amazonian jungle, to rework and present one of their Icaros (healing songs) to his forthcoming project Pineal. The song in question was sung several times during the illuminating Ayahuasca ceremonies Othon attended in Brazil last year. Together with the two Icaros by Peruvian Shamans Javier Arevalo Shahuano and Jessica Ramirez Seopa, which will also be arranged musically for Pineal, the Kaxinawá song has remained in Othon's consciousness and memory ever since. Othon has been extremely grateful to the Kaxinawá people, not only for their generosity but because they revealed to him a simple yet profound form of inner beauty that has been gently guiding him and inspiring him, musically and otherwise. For that reason and as a means of thanks, he has decided to give a part of the profits of the album to the Kaxinawá foundation.




Martin Hall's new solo album Phasewise Exit Signs, featuring Othon, out on April 2
"Phasewise Exit Signs", Martin Hall's first solo album in seven years, features a number of collaborators, including Othon on the opening track "Emblematic". Othon, who was humbled when Martin Hall asked him to collaborate with him for his new solo project, being a a keen admirer of his work and legacy, is particularly happy on the take that Hall took on his Impermanence - track, in which he based Emblematic. In his words, 'the result is nothing less than exquisite'. For more info on this forthcoming release click here



The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone wins Best Debut Award!
The graphic novel "The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone" written by Ravi Thornton and illustrated by Andy Hixon, and with an accompanying  musical score by Othon has won the Broken Frontier's best debut award for 2012! To read more about the awarded debut click here. To listen to the soundtrack for the novel visit Othon's soundcloud page.



Links to purchase Impermanence online
Several people have been asking from which sites they can purchase Othon's second album "Impermanence" (feat. Marc Almond, Camille O' Sullivan and Ernesto Tomasini) online. Here are some useful links. Enjoy!
Western Europe
Eastern Europe



The Sacred Conspiracy - a solo performance by Lee Adams with a new score by Othon
Performance artist and dj Lee Adams has been Othon's close friend and collaborator for over a decade. Together they performed in Stephen Montague's "Sonic Swamp" in London and later in Ron Athey's "The History of Ecstasy", in Napoli. Othon has also assisted in some of Adams' installations during the years and gave one of his first performances with Ernesto Tomasini at Adams' legendary underground London night Kaos . In return, Adams has performed for Othon & Tomasini's shows on two occasions. Now for the first time, Othon is writing the original score to a Lee Adams solo performance entitled  "The Sacred Conspiracy" which will be presented at the Milk and Lead Gallery in London on November 15 and 16. Please note that the first night is already sold out and that the second is selling very fast! Click here for more info for this event.



photo by Predrag Pajdic


Thank you for an amazing sell out show in London!
Othon & Tomasini's performance at St. Leonard's Shoreditch Church was one of those performances that will be remembered for years to come from those of us that were lucky to be present. With an amazing opening set by cello sound-sculptor Jo Quail, a visually stunning installation-performance by artists Lee Adams and Chadd Curry, a dramatic entrance by temple dancer Ash Mukherjee and a dance intervention by Royal Ballet star Elizabeth McGorian, topped up with styling by Predrag Padjic, headwear designs by Nasir Mazhar and make-up by Hermes Pittkakos, and all enveloped by Othon's music and Tomasini's voice, this was the duo's culmination of their live work so far. Othon would like to thank everyone who was involved in this show, including violinist Connie Chatwin, cellist Tom Oldfield, double-bassist Steve Street and Klarita Kaparte Pandolfi Carr from Kaparte Promotions.


Othon & Tomasini performance in St.Leonards' Shoreditch Church transforms to an edgy multi-disciplinary PAN-artistic production
O & T's upcoming show in London on November 22 will be by far the most challenging, rich and theatrical performance the eccentric duo ever made. This evening will be the result of many created minds coming together, from Royal Ballet Principal Character Dancer Elizabeth McGorian to Temple Dancer & Choreographer Ash Murkherjee and from artist/photographer/designer Predrag Pajdic to milliner and fashion designer Nasir Mazhar. Behind the scenes assistants will include Royal ballet choreographer Alaster Marriott and make-up artist Hermes Pittakos. In addition, the lovely cellist Jo Quail will set the mood musically for the night. Last but not least, one of Othon's oldest London friends, performance artist, dj  and co-founder of the (already) legendary Kaos parties, Lee Adams, together with artist-performer Chadd Curry will present a magnificent new performance-installation called 'The Chymical Wedding', espeically for that night. Please arrive at 7.30 not to miss what is going to be a truly spectacular work of art. For details regarding The Chymical Wedding see below. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE




“Man forever stands at the crossroads, until he makes a decision. Will he accept the invitation to the mysterious alchemical wedding, or will he go back to sleep?”
Tobias Churton – Invisibles

"Jesus said to them, When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside,
and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below,
and when you make the female one and the same, so that the male be not male, nor the female female...
then you will enter the kingdom."

The Gospel of Thomas (Nag Hammadi Library)

A new performance installation by Lee Adams and Chadd Curry to have its world premiere at Othon & Tomasini's concert, St.Leonard's Shoreditch Church

Art direction by Lee Adams and Chadd Curry.
Stylist: Predrag Pajdic
Make up: Hermes Pittakos
Head pieces: Nasir Mazhar
Make up: Hermes Pittakos
Sound Design: Choronzon



Othon & Tomasini to perform at the Out Of The Cage celebration
Othon & Tomasini are honoured to have been invited by Trinity College of Music, London to perform twice at the centennial celebrations of John Cage's memory on Friday October 26. For both performances Othon & Tomasini will perform one of Othon's most experimental pieces to date called Dancing Horse. The concerts that O & T will participate on will start at 14:15 and 17:15 and will take place at Trinity's Peacock Room. This will be O & T's return to the first venue they ever performed together when Othon was still in his school days, back in 2005! The artistic director for the festival is composer and Cage associate Stephen Montague and the entrance is free.



Auditioning for PINEAL
Othon is currently looking for great musicians to participate in his new project PINEAL, both for the studio and live shows. Recording sessions will start at the beginning of next year but he would like to audition musicians ASAP. Looking for strings (string quartet or any string instrument), trumpet, trombone, bouzouki, a small choir, a drummer and a soprano. The project will include a team as diverse as pop icon Marc Almond, star violinist Hahn-Bin, alternative performer Ernesto Tomasini, multi-instrumentalist Bird Radio and Peruvian shamans Javier Arevalo Shahuano with Jessica Ramirez Lopez. If you are interested to be part of this project please email Andrea on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Othon's PINEAL campaign has succeeded, thank you!
Othon is ecstatic that his indiegogo campaign to raise money for his forthcoming project PINEAL has succeeded! With your help he has managed to exceed his goal and raise $10,090 in order to record what is going to be his most ambitious project to date. Othon would like to thank all of you who contributed towards this project and those of you who promoted it through facebook, twitter or, simply, by word of mouth. A special thanks to Ernesto Tomasini, Marc Almond and Bird Radio for supporting the campaign throughout. PINEAL donators will receive gifts for their contributions and Othon will be in touch with them soon to arrange this.



Tickets for 'The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone' Bristol performance on November 14, now on sale
Tickets for the performance of the graphic novel by Ravi Thornton and Andy Hixon entitled "The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone" for which Othon wrote the soundtrack and which will take place at the Arnolfini in Bristol, are now on sale and can be purchased here. This event will be part of the Jonathan Cape Graphic Novels Evening and will feature a reading of the short but stunning novel by Thornton, which will  accompanied by projections of Hixon's beautiful illustrations and by Othon who will perform the entire score live at the piano.



PINEAL - less than 20 days to go. Please support!
Othon's campaign for his new ambitious cutting-edge project PINEAL is soon coming to an end. Though there has been a fantastic response so far, we still need a few thousand dollars to make this campaign an absolute success and make Othon's consciousness-driven project a reality! Please donate today and receive some great gifts, including Othon's original hand-written scores (only one existing per song) and early PINEAL mixes. Click here to support or on the photo below by PINEAL photographer Predrag Pajdic.


Against Nature - A Collaboration between Marc Almond, Othon & Jeremy Reed, 1st tryout November 23
Othon is over the moon to be working on an exciting new project with poet/writer Jeremy Reed and Impermanence/Digital Angel star Marc Almond. Against Nature will be based on the excessively decadent semi-Gothic book by JK Huysmans "A Rebours" and is going to develop in the next year into something quite special (more details as we learn them!). Although the project is still in its initial stage, there will be a first tryout of a few songs at London's National Portrait Gallery on Friday November the 23rd, where Almond will sing without a mic on top of a pre-recorded piano and where he will recite other poems. also by Reed. Against Nature will receive its first full-fledged performances, once the project has been completed. Stay tuned for yet another exciting project that Othon is working on! We regret that Marc Almond has to undergo an imminent surgery and for that reason this performance will be postponed to a later date.



Othon & Tomasini to perform in London's St.Leonard Shoreditch Church, November 22
O & T are delighted to perform again in their hometown after exactly one year since their last Impermanence show and at a venue that is very close to their hearts. We will keep you informed in regards to developments with this concert, which will be hosted by Kaparte promotions.



'The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone' performance in London, November 2
This is going to be the London performance reading of the graphic novel "The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone" by Ravi Thornton and Andy Hixon with music by Othon. The event will be part of the London International Comics Festival (Comica) and it will take place at London's prime historical bookstore Foyles, in Charing Cross Road. The performance will take place sometime between 6.30 and 9.30pm. More details on the exact time soon. Always check Othon's facebook page to find out about the latest news and events.



Beneath the Shadows The Soul Walks
Othon will be featured on the book by Predrag Pajdic and JL Nash, "Beneath the Shadows The Soul Walks" together with a number of other artists including Othon's collaborators Ernesto Tomasini and Lee Adams. He will also make an appearance with Ernesto Tomasini at the book's launch party at the Shangri La Tattoo Parlour, 54-58 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DP, on Friday October 12. This event has a strict dresscode: superior, super-smart, hot, haute and glorious!



Othon & Tomasini with special guest Bird Radio to perform in Athens on September 20
O & T are returning to Six D.O.G.S., Athens on September 20, together with one of their favourite upcoming artists, Bird Radio, who will open for them and perform during their show. This is the first time in which Othon & Tomasini and Bird Radio will be joining forces on stage!



'The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone' performance in Bristol, November 14
Writer Ravi Thornton will give a performance reading of her freshly released graphic novel "The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone" with Othon performing its haunting soundtrack live at the piano. This event is going to be part of Jonathan Cape's Graphic Novels Evening and will take place in Bristol's Watershed on Wednesday 14th of November between 18:30 and 21:30. Click here to view this event on facebook.


Javier Arevalo Shahuano and Jessica Ramirez Seopa to join PINEAL
Javier Arevalo Shahuano and his wife Jessica Ramirez Seopa are not from the established music world but from the Peruvian Jungle. They are a pair of powerful Shamans with whom Othon had the opportunity to drink Ayahuasca as part of their religious ceremonies, and to travel to the spirit world guided by Javier’s beautiful channeled Icaros (healing songs). The raw transformational energy of these Icaros has been a positive influence for Othon since the very first time he ‘experienced’ them in Brazil. It is these Icaros, Javier’s and Jessica’s hypnotic voices and their maracas and shapakas (leaf rattles) that Othon wants to bring to the PAN world of PINEAL!





Written by Ravi Thornton, illustrated by Andy Hixon and musically scored by Othon, this graphic novel multisensory experience is made to create sensation! Here is the book synopsis from the press release:

"Brin and Bent are poolkeepers at The House for the Grossly Infirm. Their days are spent abusing the House residents with bleach and chlorine, spying on them through holes they have drilled in the walls. They do not know that someone else comes to the pool at night: Minno Marylebone, a child like no other.
Pure and beautiful, every night the child enters the water and becomes celestial, laughing and riding the currents as the pool turns into a sea. Then one night Brin and Bent find the wax that has spilled from Minno's candle and decide to lie in wait...
With this dark yet achingly beautiful tale, Ravi Thornton takes British graphic novels to a new level. The combination of her deft and masterful writing with the stunning artwork of Andy Hixon creates and an extraordinarily powerful and disturbing experience."

The soundtrack of The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone, performed by Othon (piano and effects) and Laura Moody (cello) and mixed by Christoph Bracher, is not included in the packaging of the book but it can be downloaded for free from Ravi Thornton’s website and from Othon's soundcloud page. In both sites, there is a short guide in relation to the timing of the music and the 3 chapters of the book. The Tale is published by Jonathan Cape, Random House.

You can purchase the book from here



OTHON - PINEAL The countdown has started- please support!
Just a few months after Impermanence's release and Othon is already working feverishly on his new creation! PINEAL promises to be an ambitious and a challenging project to realize that will allow him to use an entirely new template to play and create music. For PINEAL, Othon will bring his beloved but unexplored (by him) world of dance music together with his deep, emotional and unconventional songwriting. He will explore his thoughts, hopes and worries for the future and invite some of his favourite Ayahuasceros to bless PINEAL and its listeners with their life-transforming healing Icaros. Influenced by Greece's tormented times and particularly by his family's grief dealing with his father's neurodegenerative disease, he will explore his Greek roots in a cathartic fashion. Finally, he will invite some amazing artists, old collaborators and new, whose energy, love and talent have been a force of inspiration and clarity for this project. To read more details about PINEAL and why your help is crucial click here.

Visit Othon's PINEAL campaign page and be part of this exciting project!




Love and Transcendence - a week of Othon by Creativina
Italian cultural association Creativina is dedicating the week starting on May 7 in promoting Othon's work. Music, videos, lyrics, photos and writings are posted continuously in Creativina's facebook page, some of which are previously unreleased. Visit Creativina's page here and celebrate Othon!


Late review of Digital Angel on the Italian Ondarock
Digital Angel, Othon's debut album, which was released in November 2008, got a late but fantastic review by Claudio Milano and the Italian popular music site Ondarock. Here is a small quote "(Digital Angel)… without doubt is to be included to the Universe of lesser-known masterpieces of the last years." Click here to read the full review in Italian.



Othon & Tomasini - Impermanence
The official video of Impermanence, the closing song in Othon's new album with the same title, is now available to watch on youtube! The video, which is the second official Othon & Tomasini video ever, can be purchased by iTunes as part of the Impermanence single. Both the album and the single are released by Cherry Red Records/Strike Force Entertainment. Click here to purchase the album and here to purchase the single and download the album on iTunes!



Othon interview on SOUL magazine - Greece
Othon was interviewed by Sandra-Odette Kypriotaki for the popular Greek urban magazine SOUL. The new issue with the Othon article came out on the 29th of March and can be purchased from shops and newspaper stands around the country.


Impermanence (the single) reviewed at the Pandorian
Impermanence got an excellent review at the Pandorian!  If you visit the site, don't forget to read Othon's interview, matched with beautiful images by Predrag Pajdic. You can see it all here



Impermanence - new single by Othon with Ernesto Tomasini out NOW on iTunes & other stores
Othon is thrilled to announce today, March 26, the release of the second single related to his album Impermanence by Cherry Red Records/Strike Force Entertainment. Impermanence features the eponymous track with spine-tingling vocals by Ernesto Tomasini together with the previously unreleased haunting orchestral version of the same song. Both tracks are masterfully orchestrated and produced by Troy Banarzi and the single’s cover art/photography is by Predrag Pajdic. You can preview it and purchase it here



Impermanence Video Exclusivly on iTunes
Exclusively on iTunes, the single includes as a bonus the Impermanence video, the second official Othon & Tomasini music video ever released. Impermanence is directed by Chiara Ambrosio, with choreography and movement advice by Lorraine Smith and make-up by Hermes Pittakos. Check it out on iTunes


Because of Love, a performance by Franko B with music by Othon
Painter, sculptor, video artist & performer, Franko B, has commissioned Othon to write the music for his new large-scale solo performance. "Because of Love", which will be 45-minutes long, will show yet a new facet of this multidisciplinary artist. Othon, who has been a fan of Franko B's work for several years, is thrilled about his involvement on this project. Because of Love will be showcased for press and invited guests at London's Laban on Aprl 24th and then it will tour around the country. For confirmed dates, please see the Shows page. For info on Franko B and his work please visit his website.



Digital Angel discussed at the Italian book Orizzonte Sud
Digital Angel, Othon's song-cycle which appears at his debut album with the same title, is discussed in depth in the Italian book "Orizzonte Sud" curated by Luigi Cazzato. The article in question is entitled "Voci dal sud: La voce castrata a la dislocazione dello sguardo" and is written by Serena Guarracino. You can order the book here


Othon feature on Hard Art, Poland
There is a lengthy feature on Othon and Impermanence at the Hard Art Polish magazine, January issue


Gifts of the Spirit: Automatic Writing in Birmingham's Fierce Festival on April 7
Ron Athey's latest large-scale performance installation piece inspired by his Pentecostal upbringing, which he shares with Othon, will be presented at Birmingham's Fierce Festival on the 7th of April at 9pm. Athey will read extracts from his memoir accompanied by automatic writers, typists, editors, a reader and a glossolalia chorus while Othon will provide the automatic composition and performance. Everyone involved in the piece will be deeply hypnotized beforehand. More info here



Impermanence voted the best Greek album for 2011!
Othon is over the moon to announce that Impermanence was voted by leading Greek site the best Greek album for 2011! Thanks to all of you who voted and especially to Marc Almond, Ernesto Tomasini, Justin Jones and Bird Radio who promoted the album with such passion! Read more on Othon's FB page!


Another yet amazing review of Impermanence on Compulsion online plus interview
A new raving review of Impermanence came from the alternative site Compulsion Online. Together with an extremely long & revealing interview of Othon they make a wonderful feature on the site! Read here



Silky Hands on The Wire
Othon had his Wire debut with a review of the limited edition tape he released with Tapeworm. Silky Hands Of A Rough Piano Boy got a small but cool review in the January issue.


Impermanence review in French magazine Obscure
Another great review of Impermanence this time from the French music magazine Obscure. The review is published today (11th of January). Please visit Othon's FB page to read the review.


Interview and photos by Predrag Pajdic for the Pandorian

The amazing artist and photographer Predrag Pajdic has interviewed and photographed Othon for his eclectic site The Pandorian. Read here


Impermanence review on the German African Paper

Rave review of Impermanence on the German African Paper. Here is a quote from it: "[The title track], resolutely performed in falsetto against an organ, is perhaps one of the most poignant pieces of music that has emerged in recent years" Read here the whole review


Othon feature on Spanish magazine Shangay
An article on Othon and Impermanence appeared on this week's issue of Shangay (22/12/11). You can read the article here


Impermanence has been nominated as the best Greek album for 2011, please vote!
I am thrilled to announce that Impermanence has been nominated by the leading Greek music site as the best Greek album for 2011! Please register on the site and vote here. It takes a while for them process the registration but it is worth it!

Great Impermanence reviews on Gaffa (Denmark), Brainwashed (US) and (Greece)
The first 3 reviews of Impermanence come from Denmark's most popular music magazine Gaffa, Greece's leading alternative webzine and the US based Brainwashed. All reviews are beautifully written and extremely favourable.



Thank you for another amazing sold out show!
Othon, Ernesto Tomasini, Marc Almond & everyone involved at the Chelsea Theatre Impermanence launch had a blast! Thank you all for coming and apologies for the people that didn't manage to get a ticket. We are hoping to have videos from this performance soon!


Othon - Impermanence pre-order NOW! Out November 7
Othon is over the moon to announce the delayed but final release date for his second album Impermanence. Besides the excitement of having his album finally seeing the light after much waiting and changes of plans, he is thrilled to share a home with such artists as Holly Johnson, Marc Almond, Jimmy Somerville, David McAlmont and the recently deceased Eartha Kitt, under the auspices of Cherry Red Records/Strike Force Entertainment. Impermanence marks a significant evolution on Othon's sound, artistic development, songwriting and aesthetics. To read more about Impermanence and to pre-order it click here




















Othon & Tomasini - Last Night I Paid to Close My Eyes (first official video)
O & T's first official music video can be viewed now on youtube and will be part of the digital download package of Impermanence. Last Night I Paid to Close My Eyes is directed by Dr. Peter Harton


Last Night I Paid to Close My Eyes - out NOW on iTunes
Othon's debut single by Cherry Red Records/Strike Force Entertainment is out now and can be purchased from iTunes. The single, which signposts Othon's second album includes two versions of the title track sung by the distinct voices of Marc Almond and Ernesto Tomasini. Click here to order it.




















Othon & Tomasini with Laura Moody & special guests - Impermanence at Sacred Festival, London, November 28
After a long year's absence, O & T are back to perform in London, this time for the cutting-edge festival Sacred. The show, which will be produced by Natasha Davies, will form the first official Impermanence-focused performance. It will be a sparkly night with O & T's close collaborator and Impermanence artist Laura Moody as the support and special guests on and off stage. The performance will take place at the Chelsea Theatre. You can purchase tickets from here















Othon & Tomasini to open for Baby Dee on November 5 at Cafe OTO
Othon & Tomasini will do a short unaccompanied set to open for their beloved friend and artist Baby Dee at Cafe OTO.



Othon to collaborate with Martin Hall
Martin Hall, one of Denmark's finest artists and musical icons, has recently asked Othon to collaborate with him for a song that will be released in his new album. Martin Hall, who presented Othon & Tomasini with a beautiful speech prior to their last concert in Copenhagen, has the credits for "Hospital Cafeterias", one of the duo's favourite albums ever produced.



Insonar-L'Enfant et le Ménure
Claudio Milano is an Italian singer-songwriter, musician and artist whose work Othon has been following closely over the last few years and he came to admire for its originality, strength, depth and quality. He is very excited to have been asked to cover one of his songs with Tomasini for his new Insonar project, which will be in the final mixing stage very soon. More info on this soon!


Othon & Tomasini back in Athens to perform at the MCF in November
Othon & Tomasini are returning to Athens in November, after their packed show at Six D.O.G.S. last April. This time the setting will be different with the audience seated at the prestigious main auditorium of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. The amphitheatric arrangement of this venue is based on ancient Greek theatres with great acoustics and a feeling of immediacy between the stage and the audience. Laura Moody, one of Britain's finest emerging talents, will open the show and will perform later with the main act. Tickets for this show can be purchased here


Silky Hands of a Rough Piano Boy - a new limited edition tape release by Tapeworm
Three months before the release of Othon's second album Impermanence, the cassette only Touch-affiliated label Tapeworm, is releasing a surprise limited edition tape of 200 with some new and some older previously unreleased material. "Silky Hands of a Rough Piano Boy" has a distinctively classical feel to it with Othon performing his new piano work "Behind the Veil Behold the Liquid Light!" together with two of his favourite short pieces by Chopin and Mendelssohn. On the B-side he releases for the first time a live version of two of his more adventurous songs to date, one of which was originally part of the Digital Angel song-cycle. Guests on this tape include dramatic soprano Shona Watson and flautist Clare Jefferis.

For the full press release and to pre-order the tape now visit the Touch shop here















Gifts of the Spirit in Manchester
Othon is excited to perform the first part of Ron Athey's Gifts of the Spirit at the historic Whitworth Hall in Manchester on the 27th of June. Below is a short description of the performance. More info here

“Gifts of the Spirit: Automatic Writing”: A performance installation conceived, scored and directed by Ron Athey with automatic composition and music performance by Othon Mataragas. They will be accompanied by 16 automatic writers, 6 typists, 4 editors, 1 reader, and a glossalalia chorus.


Screw Interview
A fourth interview on the Greek press, following Othon & Tomasini's successful performance in Athens, appears on Screw's June issue. Angelos Petroutsas (AKA Prince of Poverty) conducted the lengthy interview with original photos by George Striftaris.


Othon & Tomasini to perform at Castelbasso Festival in August
Othon & Tomasini are delighted to perform at the prestigious Castelbasso festival in Abruzzo, Italy on the 6th of August. More info about this performance soon.



Impermanence release date!
Othon's second album "Impermanence" is finally scheduled for a release on the International Peace Day, September 21st. Impermanence will be the first official PAN muzik release and a great step forward for Othon as a composer, songwriter, producer and orchestrator. It will feature some very special guests like Marc Almond, Camille O' Sullivan, Justin Jones (And Also the Trees), Beverly Crome (The Cesarians), Troy Banarzi, the Elysian Quartet ++++++ and, Othon's artistic soulmate, Ernesto Tomasini. Impermanence will be released by the upcoming cutting edge US label Tourette Records. More on this release soon!



Othon on Soundcloud
Othon has now a Soundcloud page where he will be uploading new tracks, mixes and ideas. You can follow him here!



Ozon interview
Another interview of Othon, this time by the Athenian magazine Ozon, May Issue. You will soon be able to read the interview online here.



Listen and buy Othon's music on Bandcamp!
You can now listen and download Othon's tracks as well as order physical products from his new Bandcamp page. Click here to visit. and Lifo interviews
Othon was interviewed by the Greek online magazine and the Athenian weekly magazine Lifo. To read the corresponding interviews click here and here